The overview page: your Dashboard.

With everything that you need to handle during the day, it's important to be able to see and understand what you're working on in a glance. We've got a basic dashboard that gives you a snapshot of your digital signage network.

When logging in to the web portal, you will initially be brought to the Overview page. This page acts as your personalized dashboard and provides you with a quick snapshot of everything going on across your account at any given time.


While you won't complete any tasks from the Overview page, it's a great place to get a quick, at-a-glance view of your activity.  

For those of you who work on your digital signage collaboratively, the recent activity section will show you a timeline of the actions taken by various users of your organization.


You can also review the status of your players.


Another Dashboard feature is Announcements. This is where you can see recent feature updates and important announcements from us.

At a Glance

You will also see 4 boxes across the top providing you with some additional information: how many files are in your library (such as pictures and videos), how many loops you have created, how many campaigns you have created, and how many players are on your network.