While Screenfluence can handle all kinds of media formats, there are certain recommendations that we make for users.


It's important to remember that your content is typically displaying in a 16:9 aspect ratio. That means that content should generally be in that format. In general, when speaking about resolution, the first number is the width while the second number is the height. When only one number is mentioned, that typically is the height.

Common 16:9 resolutions are:

  • 1080p/Full HD - (1920x1080)
  • 720p - (1280x720)
  • 2560p - (2560x1440)

We recommend all signage content be formatted for 1920x1080 for optimal results.

For special installations requiring 2560p or 4K, please reach out to your screenfluene representative.


While screenfluence can support many video and image formats, we've decided to restrict to the following formats for best network and hardware performance.

  • .mp4 (video)
  • .webm (video)
  • .jpg, .jpeg (image)
  • .png (image)

*If you're video is too large, try converting it to webm here


While not a technical note, you should always keep in mind the viewing environment of your audience. Are they far away? Or close by? The distance of your audience will determine the design of your content. You shouldn't make text too small if they are far away, and vice versa, too large if they are very near.